Available in APP or SBS modified bitumen with smooth or granulated surface.


• Granular surface - helps protect this Asphalt/SBS Rubber based product against water.
• Modified can last a long time when installed on a low slope roof with a minimum 1/12 pitch.
• Smooth Modified can be coated with a white elastometric or other protective coating every 3 to 7 years to extend its life will beyond most 10-year warranties.
• Both the GTA & STA have a polyester mat for increased water resistance.


• Most warranties are 10 to 12 year on material only.
• Degrades very quickly on flat roofs with standing water (usually within 5 years).
• Left uncoated, modified will degrade with exposure to the sun, ice & water.
• Most modified is applied with an open flame or torch (GTA & STA) for the best adhesion, creating a risk if not installed properly.



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