Reinforced PVC

Polyvinylchloride and thermal plastic bonded to a reinforced fabric mesh.


• Reinforced PVC material lasts a very long time.
• Secured directly to the decking with screws and plates making it much more secure than other roofing membranes adhered with adhesives.
• Can be installed over almost any surface because the system is secured directly to the decking below to ensure a watertight and highly wind resistant bond.
• Can be installed over multiple layers of existing membrane with a full factory warranty.
• Can be installed in very large deck sheets to reduce the number of seams.
• Excellent warranties are available including lifetime and leak proof warranties.
• Over 1 Billion S.F. installed with very few claims.
• Available up to 80 or 90 mils thick.
• Comes standard in White, Tan or Gray (white cool roofs that reflect harmful U.V. rays) Other colors are available in the thicker membranes.
• The best warranties in the business are available with Reinforced PVC including a 15-year leak proof warranty from Duro-Last or 15, 20, 25-year and Lifetime material warranties from IB Systems and other manufacturers.


• Requires special equipment to install.
• Installation is more time consuming than other membranes.
• Some material is custom manufactured and must be precisely measured.
• Requires certified installers. Most roofing contractors are not qualified to install this product.



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