Professional Roofing & Exteriors is your full service roofing professional, offering a wide variety of roofing solutions for all types of roofs.

Standard & Steep Slope Applications

At Professional we roof the right way with our 5 Star Roofing System. This means complete professional installation to obtain the most life out of your new roofing system, and our 15 Point Inspection program. We replace all metal flashing, pipe jacks and vents along with drip edge and rake metal to protect your fascia board. Step walls, chimneys and skylights are flashed and counter flashed for extra protection. On tile and metal shingles we use premium underlayment in conjunction with ice and water shield and a board and batten system that allows trapped moisture and excess water to flow to the eaves. 

Low Slope & Flat Roof Applications

We are proud to offer the best low slope and flat roofing products in the industry. Eliminate the problems with most flat roofs with our Duro-Last custom reinforced PVC roofing system. This product eliminates the cause of most roof failures with an extremely durable reinforced thermoplastic membrane that is heat welded at the seams and screwed directly to the roof decking without the need for adhesive. With PVC you can roof over almost any surface and obtain a 15 to 20 year commercial leak proof warranty. This saves you money and provides a long lasting cool roof covering.

Waterproofing & Roof Coatings

We use the best roof coatings in the industry. Extend the life of your roof with one of our premium cool surface protective coatings. We have coatings for all types of surfaces including: wood, metal, concrete, asphalt, rubber and more.


From Gutters to Soffit, Fascia, Siding Windows & Decks; we offer a variety of quality exteriors to accent your home at very competitive prices. Ask your representative to see some of our many samples. You will like what you see.

We offer Aluminum, Steel and Vinyl products in a variety of colors and finishes. This allows you to mix and match your gutters, soffit, fascia, siding windows, decks and/or deck finishes.





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