EPDM Rubber

Rubber based product (similar to tire rubber)


• Installed properly will last a very long time.
• Surface can be easily coated with an elastomeric to extend its life up to 50 years.
• EPDM is a fully adhered roof membrane adhered to fire retardant dens decking which is secured by screwing through the underlying wood decking, making it more secure than modified.
• 10, 20 and 30 year product warranties are available (warrantied only against defects).


• EPDM is flammable and requires a Class A fire retardant underlayment.
• Commonly fails at the seams due to adhesive failure as a result of ice & water.
• Black surface holds heat, must be coated to increase life span and reflect heat.
• Installed properly, EPDM is more expensive than other types of flat roof membranes



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